It’s coming up to that time of year – the Christmas party. And while some of you will have been super organised and had it booked since the summer – or maybe even last year – we’re willing to bet some of you are also in a bit of panic, because you’re not quite there yet.

Never fear! Here’s our list of unique ideas for a Christmas party – tailored to those who are braving it and organising their own! And even if you’re all sorted for this year, why not bear these in mind for next year?



We haven’t just fallen asleep on the keyboard. Those slightly strange looking words above mean a live karaoke band. Karaoke is always a crowd pleaser – especially when people have had a few – so why not take it to the next level with a live band? Make your employees feel like rockstars and no doubt have a few laughs while you’re doing it. You get bonus points if you can figure out how to pronounce “rockaoke”! Check out these guys: Live Karaoke Band.


“Summer in Winter” tropical party

You might have heard of Christmas in July, so why not flip it and bring some summer fun to your actual Christmas party? A great way to cure the winter blues and celebrate with something a bit different. Think Hawaiian shirts, flip flops, pina coladas, pineapples – as long as you’ve got a decent heating system, you can crank it up and pretend you’re spending Christmas in Hawaii! Why not try these Hawaiian Christmas cookies –  we particularly like Santa in his swimming shorts!


German Oompah Band

It seems that in the last few years, everyone’s gone mad for German Christmas markets. And there’s no denying – the Germans know how to do Christmas. To bring a Bavarian theme to your party, create your very own Bierkeller and hire an “oompah” band to get everyone in the spirit. You can add to the experience by serving bratwurst, and enough sweet treats – chocolate-coated marshmallows, pretzels, marzipan –  to make everyone feel a bit ill. Make sure you get the weissbier and the gluhwein on tap, too!


Christmas through the decades

Everyone loves a bit of fancy dress, right? Get everyone feeling nostalgic with a decade-themed Christmas party. Carry out a poll to select the most popular decade, and theme your event around that. It could be Victorian, with parlour games, a roaring ‘20s theme complete with flappers and cabaret, or ‘70s, with afros, flares, platforms and plenty of Slade and Wizzard. The great thing about this theme is that once you’ve picked your decade, it’s so easy to arrange decorations, music and food around the theme.


It’s time to give back

Instead of splashing out on a party, why not give back with a charity-driven Christmas event? In their teams, you could encourage your employees to take part in Christmas-themed fundraising activities, like carol singing, baking or even volunteering at a soup kitchen. The team who raises the money, who puts in the most hours, could be rewarded with a prize. It’s a great way to motivate your employees to help those who are less fortunate at Christmastime. It’s always good to get some perspective, and it might be refreshing to forgo drinking and eating too much to do a little bit for others.

Get booking

If you’re feeling inspired by this post, get booking! There’s not long to go now. And don’t forget, even if you’ve got your plans sorted, you can always add a bit of extra fizz with our Bar Basso prosecco trailer, some sweet treats with our gelato trailer, or serve up some winter warmers with Basso Barista.

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