Prosecco is great to drink on its own, but the bubbles aren’t everyone’s bag, and sometimes you just want to mix it up a bit!

If you want to bring something different to your evening or occasion, and get a bit of fizz while staying refreshed and sampling different flavours, why not try these prosecco-based cocktails? Perfect for any occasion whatever the weather, these are crowd-pleasers that you might not have thought of before.


Pink gin and prosecco

Gordon’s recently launched a limited edition pink gin, which it’s safe to say has been a success. Aesthetically pleasing with its bright pink hue and a slightly more palatable gin with a taste of raspberry, it’s a hit for gin fans. But did you know you can combine it with prosecco to make a really tasty cocktail?

You’ll need:

50ml Gordon’s pink gin

50ml lemonade

25ml Prosecco


Strawberries for added flavour

A large glass, preferably a gin bowl

Fill a glass with ice and add the gin (this chills the gin nicely). Add your lemonade and then your prosecco, and drop in a couple of strawberries. Enjoy!


Raspberry Limoncello Prosecco


Whoah – Prosecco and Limoncello? Sounds incredible! Beware – this is one for sipping, limoncello can be quite potent. And make sure all your ingredients are ice cold – no one likes warm prosecco or limoncello.

This is a recipe for a pitcher of Raspberry Limoncello Prosecco. We’ve adapted this slightly from the original recipe, which was in cups.

You’ll need:

750ml chilled prosecco

250ml limoncello, preferably straight from the freezer

125g of frozen raspberries

A pitcher or jug

Whisk together the limoncello and prosecco in your pitcher. Add the frozen raspberries to your glass and pour over. Garnish if with mint (optional).


Prosecco Margaritas


Margaritas are already a classic, so why not add a little twist with a splash of fizz? This one has the additional wow-factor presentation to really impress your guests. It also requires a bit of preparation, so bear this in mind, we wouldn’t want you trying to hunt out saucepans and hastily squeezing limes when you’ve got guests arriving!

Again, we’ve adapted this slightly from the original recipe, which was in ounces.

You’ll need:

75 ml of blanco tequila (3 shots), or to taste

75ml of Cointreau

120ml of simple syrup (this is where the prep comes in – see recipe below)

250ml of freshly squeezed lime juice (more prep required)

1 750ml bottle of prosecco (preferably a sweet one)

Salt, to rim your glasses

Lime wedges for garnish

A jug or pitcher

How to make simple syrup

In a saucepan over medium-high heat, combine equal parts sugar and water. It’s up to you how much you make, as you can use this to sweeten other cocktails too! Bring to the boil, stirring occasionally, until all the sugar has dissolved. You can keep your syrup in the fridge for up to a month.

The cocktail

A couple of hours before your guests arrive, take your jug, pitcher, bowl or whatever large container you have to hand and mix the tequila, Cointreau, simple syrup and lime juice. Put it in the fridge to chill (you don’t want to put ice in this one – it’ll water it down).

When you’re ready to serve, grab your glasses (bonus points if you’ve got actual margarita glasses), run the cut side of the lime wedge around the edge and dip in the salt until the entire rim is covered. Add ice to the glasses, and pour in the tequila mixture. Top each off with prosecco and serve. The beauty of this one is that you can add a bit more tequila or prosecco according to taste.


Prosecco Royale

Simple, yet delicious! A cheaper alternative to the Kir Royale – which is basically this cocktail but made with champagne. Careful with these, it’s all too easy to knock them back very quickly! This recipe makes 6 cocktails, but stock up on the ingredients and follow the steps to make as many as you like!

You’ll need:

1 bottle of chilled prosecco

3 tablespoons of creme de cassis

Champagne flutes

Pour half a tablespoon of creme de cassis into your champagne flute. Top with the chilled prosecco. Add more creme de cassis to taste. Garnish with fruit for extra flavour! We’d recommend a couple of raspberries.

Prosecco julep

Another twist on a classic – the mint julep – this is simple, refreshing and light. We recommend serving it as an aperitif or perhaps at the start of your evening to get you in the mood for celebrating!

You’ll need (per cocktail):

2 sprigs of fresh mint

1 sugar cube

1 dash of bourbon whiskey (Jack Daniels, or similar)

Chilled Prosecco

A mixing glass

A cocktail strainer

A wooden spoon or muddler

Champagne flute or other serving glass

Put the mint and sugar in your mixing glass and add the whiskey. Using the muddler or the handle of your wooden spoon, crush the sugar and rub the mint until it’s torn and giving off a nice minty fragrance. Add Prosecco and strain into your serving glass.



A take on the bellini, using strawberries instead of peaches. You’ll need a blender for this one, so dig it out the back of the cupboard or borrow a friend’s!

You’ll need (per cocktail):

3 strawberries, hulled (take the green leafy top off)

1 teaspoon of sugar

1 squeeze of fresh lemon juice

Chilled Prosecco

A shaker or mixing glass

Cocktail strainer

Champagne flute

Blend the strawberries, lemon juice and sugar in a blender to make a syrup. Pour the syrup and a splash of prosecco into your shaker or mixing glass, fill with ice and stir. Strain into your champagne flute and top with more Prosecco to taste.

We hope we’ve inspired you to serve some of these lovely tipples at your next party! And don’t forget, if you’d like to bring a bit of fizz to your wedding or event, Bar Basso has vintage charm in its converted horsebox, great for any occasion! Just get in touch with our friendly team to discuss your event.

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